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When you work with Lensit Studio it's important to us that you feel like you are working with someone on your team who you can trust and ask for advice. That's why we created this get to know us page, wether its your first time working with us or your hundredth you know who you are working with, not just Lensit Studio but the people who make us possible.

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Our Values

Big or small, every project we work on is treated with the same set of values. We believe that this is the only way to guarantee consistency and a great working relationship with our clients.


For you, your clients, your properties, and everyone we work with. No matter how big or small the project is they are all treated with the same respect.

Attention to detail

Photographers naturally have excellent attention to detail but when it comes to Real Estate Photography an extra level of attention is needed. Not just noticing when blinds are uneven, pillows out of order, or wires are hanging out but the knowledge about homes to be able to know when something is out of place


There are two main steps for delivering Quality Real Estate Photography Services (and a bunch of small ones in-between) Step one takes place on-site when our Photographers and Videographers capture the Raw Data and Photos. Step two takes place behind the scenes when our in-house editors receive the files. This unseen process is where all of the magic happens. It is essential that both of these work seamlessly together.

Continuous improvement / Innovation

At Lensit Studio we are always on the look out for new services and ways we can improve the content used in marking homes. From advances in obstacle avoidance and automated flights in the newest drones to improve safety to new ways to tour homes. As the tools available to Photographers continue to improve so will we.


The Real Estate Industry moves fast and we know you do too. Constancy is key to building trust and a strong working relationship. When you work with us we deliver the same high quality you expect time after time so you never need to worry about how the photos will turn out. 


We take pride in our work and if for any reason you are not happy we want to hear about it so we can make it right. Your concerns are our concerns and our work isn't finished until you are happy.

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How we started

Lensit Studio was started when we realized that the quality of Real Estate Photography available in Seattle had become so good that great Photography Services alone weren't enough to stand out in the market anymore. A growing demand for new services like Matterport Virtual Tours, Floor Plans, and Video Walkthroughs left our clients sourcing multiple services from multiple vendors making scheduling and coordination of content delivery very challenging. From day one we have always been a one stop shop for all of your Photography Services and content creation needs. Our customer first approach and all has always been at the core of what we do, which is why we believe that we have been able to build a strong and loyal client base made up of many of Seattle's top Realtors.

Lensit Studio About Us
Lensit Studio Customer Service
Lensit Studio About Us
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Who we are

Lensit Studio is a growing team of talented Photographers and Videographers with a passions for Real Estate Photography. Our founding members launched Lensit Studio when they moved to Seattle in 2018 after almost a decade of experience working in the New York Photography and Fashion industry. With an eye for detail and a desire for constant improvement and growth the team at Lensit Studio is here for all of your Real Estate Photography needs. 

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Our Process and what you can expect

Whether you attend the photoshoot or not, order every service or just one we treat every shoot with the same level of attention and respect. The first thing we do at every property is tour the space. This gives us the opportunity to hear any requirements you may have, adjust anything that is out of place, and start planning how to approach the photoshoot. Is the light better to start inside or outside first, upstairs or downstairs, with Photos or Matterport. The order in which we do things can greatly effect the final output and effectively planning our time on-site can maximize shooting areas with the best lighting conditions. Planning is key!

Lensit Studio About Us
Lensit Studio About Us
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Take a look at the numbers

Numbers don't lie and these numbers speak volumes. From average days on market to average sales price, our Photography Services have made a huge difference in Seattles Real Estate Industry.

Years of experience
Successful projects
Team members
Satisfied clients
*Statistics based on Q1/Q2 of 2022
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Meet our team

Luca Sforza

Luca Sforza

Photography Lead | Sales

Claudia Baik

Claudia Baik

Operations | Web Development

Our In-house Editing Team led by Jacker

Our In-house Editing Team led by Jacker

Photography and Video Editing

Cooper Reid

Cooper Reid

Photography Lead

Prince Davis

Prince Davis

Photography | Videography

Jamie Wu

Jamie Wu

Photography | Videography

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