Understanding Depth of Field so you know how to use it for Real Estate Photography


Depth of Field in Real Estate Photography

Put simply depth of field is the range of what’s in focus in your images. Portraits with beautiful blurred backgrounds have shallow depth of field and and interiors where everything is in focus have deep depth of field. When shooting Real Estate Photography unless you are taking detail shots its best to stay away from shallow depth of field photos.

For a detailed explanation of depth of field check out this great post from Creative Live.

It’s called depth of field (DOF). A photograph’s depth of field indicates whether the entire scene is sharply focused, or if everything but a small section is blurred into oblivion.

Aperture and depth of field are directly related, but there are a number of other factors that play a role in that blurry background effect too. Here’s what new photographers need to know about aperture and depth of field.

via creativelive