One of the fastest growing trends in photography is also being used to save lives
Search and Rescue Drone

Drones at work

From taking photos to saving lives.

The use of Drones in Real Estate Photography has taken off in the past few years. Photos that previously could only be taken by paying thousands to rent a helicopter can now be taken with drones small enough to fit in a backpack. Drones have really come a long way but they aren’t just helping to sell homes they are also helping to save lives.

The use of Drones by firefighters, police officers, search and rescue teams, and many more first responders have help saved many lives. From using thermal cameras to look for injured hikers in the woods at night searching for heat signatures, to fire fighters easily getting vantage points that were previously dangerous or impossible to get, drones are saving lives and helping the people who them do it safer.

Check out this article on about a missing teen who was rescued with the help of the same drone (with a few modifications) that a lot of Real Estate Photographers use with a Thermal Camera Attached to it.

The police of the City of Fremont in California used a DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual equipped with a FLIR camera to find a missing teenager. The Fremont police dispatch received a call last Tuesday, February 5 at around 8:30 PM from the California Highway Patrol, requesting an outside assist to help find a student from the California School for the Deaf.

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